Meet Oasis Leisure

A Team Dedicated to Helping You Find Your Home’s Oasis At Oasis Leisure, our team is here to help you find the perfect hot tub or swim spa. We understand that there are plenty of choices out there, but with our staff’s knowledge, advice and support, you can find one that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Get started today by browsing our inventory of hot tubs and swim spas. For more information, contact our sales team on 028 9262 2255 in Belfast, Northern Ireland or contact us online.

Why Choose Oasis Leisure?

Here are some key reasons customers choose our team: Energy Efficiency – All of our hot tubs are inspired by NASA technology, which means our tubs are 26 percent more efficient than the competition. You can take advantage of lower operating costs, less water wasted and more enjoyment for you and your family. Self-Cleaning – What is the point of owning a piece of luxury relaxation if you have to spend too much time cleaning and maintaining it? With Hydropool, you can enjoy your hot tub experience without the cleaning routine. Our technology is 100 percent self-cleaning and the water is cleaned every 15 minutes in the unit. Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff – Not sure what size tub to buy? Perhaps you have a specific budget or health concern? Every team member at Oasis Leisure is trained in every aspect of our inventory. They know our hot tubs inside and out and can help you find the perfect one for your home. Largest Selection – We have the largest selection of hot tubs and swim spas to choose from. While we specialize in hot tubs and swim spas, we also sell serenity spas, gazebos and saunas. If you are looking forward to relaxation and transforming your home into your private oasis, contact the team at Oasis Leisure in Belfast today. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect hot tub and we even have special offers so that you can save on your next purchase.

OASIS LEISURE is a Private Limited Company, Registered in Northern Ireland: Company No: NI640608 / V.A.T Reg No: 882115528 10a Crewe Park Rd, Glenavy, Crumlin BT29 4NJ