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Who Would Buy A Hot Tub?

Who would buy a hot tub? Why would you buy a hot tub when you are more likely to hear why you shouldn’t.  “Buying a hot tub, sure we don’t have the weather”. Or “a hot tub, sure it’ll be shocking on the electric”. Or a favourite of ours ”my mate has one, he says he never uses it”.  We’ve heard them all, here at Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Ireland!!

If you are contemplating buying a hot tub, and have done your research, you will realise, we do have the perfect weather for a hot tub in Northern Ireland. Also, our Hydropool Hot Tubs are one of the most energy efficient in the industry.

That aside, then who would buy a hot tub? The best way is for me to start by telling you about our customers; the people who already own and enjoy the benefits of a Hydropool Hot Tub.

We hear many different reasons why someone would want a hot tub. Some look forward to the physical health benefits, others are more interested in improving quality family time, and then there are those just seeking relaxation and escape from everyday life stressors.

We can categorise our customers into four groups:

  • The Professionals
  • Fitness & Athletic Enthusiasts
  • Working Parents & Families
  • Retired & Financially Liberated Parents

Now, let me give some examples how our customer profiles benefit from a Hydropool Hot Tub.

The Professionals who would buy a hot tub.

Not only does this apply to the professionals, but to anyone who holds down a job. How many times have you dragged yourself home after a long day at “the office” and all you have wanted is to get into a long, hot bath?  A bath will go a little way in helping you to relax, relieve your aching feet and back or refresh you from the sweltering smart suit you’ve worn all day.

Now picture this !!!  Instead of that hot bath after work, you switch from the bathroom to the crisp, evening air of the garden and climb into a bubbling, warm hot tub. Experience the relief from the Versa Massage Hydrotherapy Jets and let the day’s stress melt away from your body. Bliss!!

Incorporating a Hydropool Hot Tub into your busy lifestyle has many benefits.  Have you thought about how relaxing in a Hydropool Hot Tub could lower your anxiety of everyday life stressors?  How 10 minutes in the morning using one of the wellness programmes could awaken your body and energise you enough to make you feel like you could cope with the traffic getting to the workplace.  Or how relaxing in a hot tub after work could prepare you better to switch off and leave the stress of the job behind.

Stress is the bane of our society and can take its toll if ignored.  All this can be avoided by being aware of your limitations and taking the time to process and neutralise the effects as soon as symptoms appear.  With Hydropool automated wellness programmes, 25 mins at the end of the day can reduce stress levels and aid a more recuperating sleep.

The Fitness and Athletic Enthusiast who would buy a hot tub.

Perhaps, as well as holding down a full-time job you enjoy exercising or keeping fit. Enjoying activities like running, walking, yoga, skiing, climbing or cycling.  After every athletic event, the body requires a period of recovery to return to its physiological state and remove metabolic residues.  The use of a Hydropool Hot Tub can help with this recovery period and reduce the time needed to recover. Therefore getting you back doing what you enjoy best.

The automated wellness programmes developed by Hydropool and in conjunction with professionals from the health and beauty industry. Recommends that a recovery period of 35 mins at the end of activity will aid venous and lymphatic return systems. Eliminating toxins and restores balance to the circulatory fluids.

Busy Parents & Families who would buy a hot tub.

As every parent knows keeping the children active and entertained requires imagination and resourcefulness. With busy lives, involving flexi-time, overtime or night shift it takes an extra push to provide quality family time.  Nowadays children spend so much of their free time,  watching TV, playing computer games or engrossed in their mobile phones. Here the hot tub comes into use, water play;  activity children, adore, right in your garden.

We recommend that you turn the temperature down on your hot tub for younger children to 36oC. Never leave children unsupervised while in a hot tub. All Hydropool’s come with a lockable cover holding the lid firmly in place as well as childproofing your hot tub.

For the older teenagers, the stress of exams, peer pressure, and social media.  Why not encourage them to invite their friends to use the hot tub.  Letting them benefit from improved quality time with friends with the bonus of relief from their increasing stress.  Also keeping them free, for a while, from social media and going out while giving you some piece of mind knowing where they are.

For the whole family, spending time in your hot tub together gives you an opportunity to swap school news, work news and engage in quality time.

The Retired and Financially Liberated Parents who would buy a hot tub.

Getting older does not mean slowing down, and it certainly doesn’t lessen the need for a hot tub. In fact, this category has seen the most significant growth in new / returning customers to Hydropool Ireland.  

For some, retirement means discovering new ways to stay fit and healthy while still making the most of their golden years. For others, preparing for life post raising the family, rediscovering “me time” or “rekindling” a relationship. Have all been reasons for purchasing a Hydropool Hot Tub.

But for all, they must face the challenges of ageing. Muscle stiffness, weak joints, and heart conditions are not uncommon amongst this age group. Hydrotherapy massage from a Hydropool Hot Tub not only improve symptoms of ageing but can improve mobility, respiratory and cardiac functions.

Hydropool’s automated wellness programmes. Featured in the platinum range of the self-cleaning hot tubs, incorporate eight pre-programmed therapy cycles that are designed for personalised usage, covering eight of the most common health complaints that hydrotherapy can alleviate:

Leg Pain, Back Pain, Diet+/Boost, Sports Recovery, Headache, Insomnia, Stress and Tonic+/ full body awakening programme. Each pre-programmed therapy combines hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and colour therapy properties.

How lovely does it sound, to know that by spending time on yourself, or with friends and family relaxing in the hot tub knowing that this relaxed, happy and chatty time can be charging up your overall wellbeing?

At Hydropool Ireland, we like to get to know our customers and inform them of the benefits of our tubs.

Educating our customers of the physical, emotional and holistic benefits of owning a hot tub, at the point of sale. Empowers our customers with the knowledge to make a smart investment that they will not regret. Ensuring they know how to use it and what it performs best at, gives us the confidence that no one can say “sure we never use it’.

For more information on the Hydropool Personal Wellness Programmes, visit our showrooms in Lisburn, Bangor, Limerick and Wexford.


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