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Buying A Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub. The next question you ask yourself is, “Where’s the best place to purchase the hot tub from?”

It is most likely that you will start with the Internet ….
The internet is a great way of learning ‘ what is a hot tub and what are the advantages of owning one ?’ But the internet becomes less informative the deeper you search. You are likely to find from the internet three different purchasing avenues; 1st the e-commerce sites/internet purchasing, 2nd the DIY store purchasing, and the 3rd the Specialist Hot Tub dealers.
What doesn’t come across well, is the quality and structural integrity of the hot tub and that of the seller.
This is why we do not advise buying a hot tub online!!

Here’s the lowdown and the real concerns.

The disadvantages are as follows …
You may be offered a cheap range, which is poorly manufactured, using cheaper materials and the price will hardly ever include installation or after sales care.
You are unlikely to actually see what you are buying, only ever seeing photos.
And let’s not forget about the seller’s / agents reputation, how can you really be sure this is a reputable seller? Look’s like you’ll just have to rely on the product, brand and sellers reviews on the internet and hope they are of trustworthy origin.

So let’s say, you throw caution to the wind, the price is right and that’s what matters to you and you hit that “Buy it Now”.

Buying a hot tub online.

Buying a hot tub online.

The excitement is real as you wait for your new hot tub to be delivered and set on your driveway. Now to find someone who is willing to install it? ……Cue the beginning of the phone calls.
You managed to find someone to install it… Great! Now you are up and running. Let’s see how this tub performs with its 50+ jets as advertised. (Did you know, it’s not the amount of jets a hot tub has. It’s the positioning and performance of the jet that counts). Now ask yourself, is your internet hot tub living up to your expectations?
Besides, now you are up and running, how are those electricity costs, still as advertised?
Ok, so far so good, now what about that warranty, what would happen if your internet hot tub decides to stop working?
Well, this is where it gets more interesting.
Here’s what your experience could look like. Cue more phone calls and emails, except this time you could be phoning China as this is more than likely where your internet hot tub was manufactured. You’re in luck for your part is covered by warranty, but the supplier does not provide local service support.
Lift that phone again, you are going to have to find a local independent service engineer who is willing to perform work on a third-party warranty problem. Expect to pay travel and a call out charge. Keep hold of that independent service engineer’s phone number, because what happens when you find out you’re not covered by warranty and your hot tub breaks down again.

By this stage, you’re ready to give up, where are the hours of fun, pleasure, and relaxation as promised in the advertisement.

An old saying comes to mind “If the deal is too good to believe, it usually is”.

Now let’s examine the shopping experience of buying a hot tub from a local DIY store.

The main difference compared to purchasing online is you can actually view a hot tub in-situ. Speaking with a salesperson but what doesn’t come across is installation process and the energy efficiency of the hot tubs.
This is why we do not advise buying a hot tub from a local DIY store!!
The prices may also seem attractive but they surely won’t cover installation and after-sales service.
The store will most likely only have a few tubs on view for sale and you will be told they have more hot tubs online or in a catalogue.

Oh no, here we go again. This brings us back around to the difficulties of buying online as previously mentioned …..

But wait, there is sales staff; surely they will be fully experienced in dealing with you “wanting advice and answers to any questions you may have”. Uh oh, apart from what the website says, the salesperson doesn’t have much knowledge to share about the hot tub, but he can tell you about the best petrol lawnmower, best power washer or security lights on special offer that week. Cue the phone calls to the manufacturer for further info and installation advice.

So let’s say, you throw caution to the wind, the price is right and that’s what matters to you and you make a DIY Store hot tub purchase.

Well, here’s what your experience could look like…. Do you really want me to repeat it. The same concerns above can apply to a DIY Store hot tub purchase. Where is your DIY hot tub manufactured, do they provide local service support, what are the running costs, what does the warranty really cover you for?
You are still responsible for the product even if the standards are not what you had expected. It really does sound like a DIY kind of a hot tub.

Cost, when buying a hot tub.

Cost, when buying a hot tub.

“Cost is, for now, running costs are forever”.

Now let’s examine the shopping experience by buying a hot tub from a reputable Hot Tub Supplier.

You will probably start your search and narrow it down to reputable brands. A good starting point is to research hot tub consumer sites who offer independent advice on various brands of hot tubs.
Once you decide on a brand, search for a local dealer and visit their website, to get an even better feel for what to expect. You will probably notice that specific pricing may not be available online. Why is this? Prices are determined at the local market level. That’s okay, you feel better about talking to someone with product expertise and understanding of local climate conditions that might factor into your purchase decision.
Now you’re ready to go shopping. A reputable hot tub supplier will have a much larger range of hot tubs on display. A friendly salesperson will take some time to ask questions about your needs and provide a thorough walk-through of specific product distinctions. He will demonstrate the difference in quality with the established brand(s) they carry. This explains why these hot tubs tend to price out higher than those shown online. Then your salesperson makes some recommendations based on insight he has gained from taking the time to get to know about you and your specific priorities.
Good job you brought your swimsuit so you can try out a hot tub which has been set up for display!

So let’s say, you throw caution to the wind and focus on long-term efficiency and satisfaction and purchase a Hydropool Hot Tub from Hydropool Ireland.

Here’s what your experience could look like.
Here at Hydropool Ireland, we have an extensive selection of Hydropool hot tubs on display. Our sales staff are qualified to explain to you which hot tub is best suited to your needs and can suggest sending a professional to view your site, to ensure that it is suitable for your choice of hot tub and to advise on electrical services, drainage etc.
Unlike many hot tub manufacturers, Hydropool Hot Tubs can be bespoke made to order, in a colour of your choice, with hydrotherapy options to cater for your needs.
Once you have decided to purchase your hot tub, a delivery schedule will be agreed and your hot tub will be delivered, positioned into its place and commissioned by our professional installation team.
You will be given advice on how to maintain your hot tub and when and what chemicals to use to keep it working at its best.
Our technicians are available to service your tub and are on hand to answer any questions you may have, long after the sale.
So what if your Hydropool hot tub decides to stop working. Wait for it …. Lift your phone, one phone call should do it. Our Hydropool engineers are fully trained by Hydropool, and carry a large inventory of Hydropool approved parts and fittings.
So what’s the catch? —– There is no catch! Even the warranty on a Hydropool offers a no quibble no fuss guarantee.

There’s is no better insurance than the knowledge of how to do something the right way and there is no greater peace of mind than knowing you did it the right way!!

buying a hot tub

Quality, when buying a hot tub.

We hope this answers some of your questions and concerns when you are considering buying a Hot Tub.
Please do consider and buy wisely. What you pay for, is what you get. A good and well serviced hot tub should bring you many years of pleasure in both summer and winter.
We can also offer testimonials and recommendations from previous happy customers of ours.

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